Jongenowskie koncerty

The project was followed with a series of concerts featuring the music recorded on the CD. These included performances at Oświęcim Castle, Kraków Music Academy Concert Hall, and Florianka Concert Hall in Kraków.

Oswięcim Castle. In May 2014, Oświęcim Castle witnessed an unprecedented event in the performance of piano chamber music by Joseph Jongen. The concert, given by Anna Dębowska (piano), Maciej Lulek (violin), and Marcin Mączyński (cello), was given in honor of those who perished in the Second World War, particularly in the concentrantion camp KL Auschwitz. Present at the concert was the honorable guest, a former KL Auschwitz prisoner and escapee - Kazimierz Piechowski - as well as Dorota Niedziela – a member of Parliament - and prof. dr hab. Stanisław Hodorowicz – a member of the Polish Senate.

The title of the concert - "Lost from Oblivion" - alluded to our responsbility to never forget those who either sacrificed their lives in an effort to help preserve the legacy of humanity or just undeservedly fell into oblivion, notwithstanding their life’s accomplishments. An introductory speech was given by the Rector of the University of Applied Sciences in Oświęcim - Prof. Witold Stankowski, and by manager – Dr. Marcin Jaroszek. 

Kraków Florianka Concert Hall. In January 2013, Jongen's music was performed at a ceremonial concert to honor Prof. Paul Badura-Skoda, who had just been awarded the degree honoris causa at the Kraków Academy of Music. Prof. Badura-Skoda acknowledged his ignorance of Jongen's music and openly expressed his admiration for Jongen’s craftsmanship and composing excellence.

Kraków Music Academy Concert Hall.  In December 2013, Anna Dębowska was given a unique opportunity to present the music of Joseph Jongen to a respectable audience of almost twenty professors of the Kraków Academy of Music. The Jongen concert, which included a live performance of the compositions that were also recorded on Anna's CD, enjoyed an exceptionally warm reception. The Trio performing at the concert was composed of Anna on the piano, Maciej Lulek on the violin, and Marcin Mączyński on the cello.


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