An Evening with Jane Stirling

Live event


Part 1 of the project - a live event - takes the audience on a journey to those places that Jane W. Stirling took Chopin to. It is a combination of narration by Marek Kucharski, illustrated with photographic and video material, readings of Chopin's letters, and music of Chopin's works performed live by Anna Dêbowska and concluded with a short recital of Anna playing selected pieces that appear on her new album, which is Part 2 of the project.

It is, in fact a meeting with the historyof the woman  that saved the legacy of Chopin, which we have had an opportunity to enjoy for nearly 200 years now. "An Evening with Jane Stirling" is then an opportunity to experience the devotion Jane Stirling so overtly, yet effectively, demonstrated towards her teacher, mentor and friend - a friend that eventually proved so ungrateful to her and his Scottish supporters. The Evening attempts to redress possible grievances and both artisticly and informatively do what Chopin failed to do: to express our gratitude to this incredible woman for what she did before and after Chopin's death. For she did more than could be expected just from a woman in love. For it was more than just infatuation. It was pure, unconditional devotion. Too bad these facts have fallen into oblivion. Good that our Evening brings them to life.

So far we have performed our Evening with Jane Stirling in the Music Academy of Kraków. On the 23 April we will perform it for the limited audience of 30 persons in the Green Room of the Jagiellonia Unversity's Collegium Maius Museum. on Jane's Stirling authentic Pleyel Grand Pianoforte on which Chopin most likely played during his stay in Scotland in the fall of 1848. 


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