Cooperation with Jane Stirling's descendants

Patrick Stirling-Aird and Susan Stirling-Aird, both of Kippenross together with Marcin Jaroszek - President of thr AboutProject Foundation

5 November 2016 witnessed an unusual event at Old Kippenross, Dunblane, Scotland. The Declaration of Cooperation between Patrick Stirling-Aird and Mrs Susan Stirling-Aird, both of Old Kippenross and theAboutProject Foundation was signed. The both Parties agreed (1) to cooperate to commemorate Jane Wilhelmina Stirling so as to bring to life those facts related to the contribution which she made to Frederic Chopin in the ultimate years of his life, as well as after his death and (2) to inaugurate the Jane Stirling Project accordingly.

The Parties agree that literature may have for years dismissed Jane Stirling's commitment to preserving the legacy of Frederic Chopin.  Both The Stirling-Airds and Marcin Jaroszek - President of theAboutProject Foundation  agree that this neglect needs to be redressed. The Parties recognize that the Jane Stirling Project has cultural and intercultural benefits as it will provide its beneficiaries with historical and musical interpretive experiences, including the opportunity to rediscover and redefine our cultures as well as to revive and further strengthen the historical and modern-European bonds between Poland and Scotland.

The above will be accomplished by organising cultural, musical, and educational events in Poland and Scotland, as well as in other countries. These events include, inter alia, the Jane Stirling Festival to be organised annually by theAboutProject Foundation. More information on the festival will be available shortly.

These commitments represent a public statement of intent to participate in the project, to strive to identify opportunities and solutions whenever possible, to contribute assistance and support for the benefit of the Project within the limits of the available resources, and to collaborate in promoting the venture.  

Following the signing ceremony, Marcin Jaroszek and Susan Stirling-Aird headed for the Old Kippenross garden, where President of theAboutProject Foundation collected a bit of soil that will symbolically be carried from event to event during the Jane Stirling Festival.

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