Culture rediscovering, reinventing, and redefining...

It seems that it is the three Rs that best encapsulate the character of theAboutProject Foundation. Be it our exploration of music, visual arts or literature, it is our intention to delve into those territories which appear to be well-known, but are perceived in a stereotypical or biased way. We deal with phenomena, but most of all with people whose artistic output as well as biographies are rife with lacunae or misinterpretations, very often unknown or undeservedly doomed to oblivion. 

We represent different realms. Anna is a pianist, Marcin an applied linguist and amateur musician, Marek a culture specialist, journalist, and author of English course books. There is, however, one characteristic that we all share. Each of us is involved in the world of teaching, understood in the widest sense of the word. Anna is Assistant Professor at the Kraków Academy of Music. Marcin is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of English Studies of the Jagiellonian University as well as the head of the Modern Languages Institute of the University of Applied Sciences in Oświęcim. Marek teaches English as a Foreign Language, and British and American Studies, as well as British and American History at the Institute of English Studies at the Jagiellonian University. He is also an English teacher at the “Wierchy” private school in Kraków.

Our professional inclinations then do influence the character of our projects. It is our great wish to enlighten those interested in our activity on facts, details or concepts which are unknown, disregarded, or simply forgotten.  more>>>

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